Motivational Lines or Quotes from The Books

Motivational Lines or Quotes from The Books

How to Win Friends and Influence.

Respect yourself, people will also respect you When the soul problem comes, we should let go of self-consciousness. Changing the environment during the problem means. When feeling low in spirits, remind yourself that there is something you can do. you are different If you respect yourself, people will respect you in the same way.

If the target is clear, you will not waver. 

One’s own comfort zone is the greatest of success. We should not be afraid of any change that improves the situation. The goals should be clear and they should also have a plan of action. Make the next change in life better. This eliminates the root cause of your fear and insecurity.

– Awaken The Giant Within

Impress people with actions, not words.

The momentary victory of argument is meaningless. Hence hatred and ill will grow in their minds. Impressing people with your work is more effective. Motivational speaker Tony Gaskins believes that by trying to win an argument, you can’t tell with confidence how much influence you have on the other person.

Do everything possible to save time.

People are often overwhelmed between work, family, and personal life. If your to-do list is long, stop and think about which tasks are stressing you out the most. Focus on it first. Sometimes being a perfectionist doesn’t get in the way, does it? Leave each task at a suitable level and move on. Try your best to save time.

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The Ultimate List of Product Management Books for Product Manager

The Product Book: How to Become a Great Product Manager

The Product Book – How to Become a Great Product Manager

The Product Book: How to Become a Great Product Manager. From Product School. Amazing book for a product manager available in 4 Language English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic.

The Product Book answers that question. Filled with practical advice, best practices, and expert tips, this book is here to help you succeed!

Every experienced product manager has heard some version of those words at some point in their career. Think about the company. Engineers build the product. Designers make sure it has great user experience and looks good. Marketing makes sure customers know about the product. Sales get potential customers to open their wallets to buy the product. What more does a company need? What does a product manager do?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Product Management
  3. Strategically Understanding a Company
  4. Creating an Opportunity Hypothesis
  5. Validating your Hypothesis
  6. From & idea to action
  7. Working with Design
  8. Working with Engineering
  9. Bringing Your Product to Market
  10. Finishing the Product-Development Life Cycle

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Launch: The Roadmap to Product Management Success

Whether you’re looking to start a new career as a Product Manager, or you’re an experienced veteran of a thousand launches, this book will help you take the next step forward.

Table of Content

  • Product Psychology
  • Blockchain In Product
  • Human Ingenuity in AR/VR Products
  • The SaaS PM
  • Break Your Own Product Rules
  • Building Products With Empathy
  • 5 Truths In Life and PM
  • Being a PM for Enterprise Products
  • Marketplace Product Management

Ship It – Silicon Valley Product Managers Reveal All -2ND EDITION

You need to systematically understand your users.

The biggest challenge and the most important responsibility of a Product Manager is to stay focused on the user. You are the advocate for the customer. You put their interest first and ensure that the end result actually achieves what you set out to accomplish in the first place.

Table of Content

  1. Delighting Customers in Margin-Enhancing Ways By Gibson Biddle – Former VP of Product at Netflix
  2. Google’s Approach: How to Grow to 100 Million Users By Joris Van Mens, Product Manager at Google
  3. Prioritization for Impossible Product Decisions By Mariano Capezzani – Head of Group Product Management at HSBC
  4. A Product-Centric Overview of Machine Learning By Rubén Lozano, Product Manager at Google Maps
  5. The Product and Design Partnership By Abigail Hart Gray, Director of UX at Google
  6. Why Customers Come Back: The Secrets of Product-Driven Growth Marketing By Satya Singh, Expedia Principal Product Manager
  7. AI for Fun and Profit By Jason Nichols, Director of AI at Walmart

Product Mindset – How to Get Inside Your Customer’s Mind

Building products that people love

To build products that people love, you need to know your customers better than you know your best friend. Better than you know your parents. Better than you know your spouse. You need to understand the conditions of their lives, and the intricacies of their state of mind as they undertake the journey your product takes them on.

Table of Contents

  1. User Research for Insights that Count
  2. Customer Voice: How to Ask the Right Questions
  3. Fill a Need, Fast: Creating Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  4. A Quick Win: First Impressions that Win You Lifelong Customers
  5. Building AI Products that People Trust
  6. Communication Secrets for Product Leaders
  7. Climbing the Ladder: How to Grow as Product Manager
  8. The Past, Present, and Future of Personalization
  9. The Psychology of Habit-Forming Products